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In connection with the release of the first low-noise supply of its kind, Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Science is happy to announce the first open call for the low-noise electronic architectures dedicated to SKA to be used in the Data Processing Unit (DPU) of the SKA telescope.The SKA is an international project designed to explore the origin and nature of the Universe, including the birth and evolution of stars, their mysterious end in supernovae and the galaxies in which they are born, and the structure and development of the Universe in the era of dark energy and dark matter. DPU is a large Data Processing Unit (DPU) built by the SKA South Africa partners, the ARC, QUB and Nuctech Electronics Pty. Ltd, that is expected to process at least 1.4 Petabytes of data per day when fully operational. The data rate will be as much as four orders of magnitude higher than that of current radio-astronomy telescopes, and a critical component of the SKA to enable this data rate and to overcome the data rate requirements for the SKA. The DPU will be composed of many thousands of ASICs operating in parallel, each of which will receive raw data, in-phase and quadrature, from the telescopes, will perform all signal processing, digitisation and data transport, and will send the data to the host system. The data rate to the host system can be as high as 1 Petabyte per second, so the data throughput rate for the DPU alone will be about 400 gigabits per second.The DPU architecture must be capable of supporting a signal-to-noise ratio of 50dB. One of the key features is a low-noise low-power supply, which reduces the self-noise of the ASICs and hence enables the necessary data throughput. The low-noise power supplies must be tested during the period of design, including the power supply voltage and current, the common-mode voltage, the power-supply noise spectrum, the transient behaviour and the oscillation, and must be qualified for use on the SKA. A high-volume R&D programme has been developed to design, fabricate and test a number of low-noise power supplies for the SKA. These supplies are the first of their kind, and this opportunity offers the R&D community the chance to evaluate them, leading to a viable low-noise power supply for the SKA.




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Dt04.img Pes 2013.rar 2022 [New]

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